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What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

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What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Von: der-l
Hinzugefügt: vor 7 Jahren
Aufrufe: 2084
Author: bena_beno
Impressive. One of this video watcher a "live book" about Armstrong. His message: ------------------------------------- Hi David, Sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm not on that video nor was I there. I'm a life-long Louis Armstrong nut so I know when he did everything. There are two books that I get my information about videos from, "All Of Me-The Complete Discography of Louis Armstrong" by Jos Willems & "Louis Armstrong On The Screen" by Dr. Klaus Stratemann. The Louis clip you posted is from the first of two BBC-TV shows. Each show was 45 minutes & they were taped on the same day, July 2, 1968. Aside from Louis the rest of the band is Tyree Glenn-trombone, Joe Muranyi-clarinet, Marty Napoleon-piano, Buddy Catlett-bass & Danny Barcelona-drums. Louis died three years later, on July 6, 1971. He was only on the road full time for another two months after this clip. By mid September of 1968 he was seriously ill in the hospital & was out of commisiion for most of 1969. I hope that's enough information for you. Best wishes, Phil ------------------------------ Phil, I am very been thankful by the information. Thank you so much. Racists, offensive comments and general assholes will be banned/deleted/spam marked.
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