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009 Sound System - with a spirit.

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009 Sound System - with a spirit.
Von: das Ass
Hinzugefügt: vor 6 Jahren
Aufrufe: 2155
Author: trackonerecordings
free 009 sound system tracks included with ezvid, video creator for windows: http://www.ezvid.com ..... You can also get this song for FREE on youtube audioswap -- watch this video to learn how: http://www.youtube.com/user/trackonerecordings Artist: 009 Sound System Song: With A Spirit Length: 09:58 lyrics: you can be whatever u want when you're high walk slowly with a spirit by your side (oh baby) don't fear if u lose your mind say how u doin' boy i'm feelin' fine ... when somethin' carries me away... hey hey hey hey.... - don't think just take a ride don't believe that jesus lied to keep us all so satisfied with a sale u should know baby don't feel the thorny nights never ask for holy rites don't ya think that god has died this time - and don't stop takin' these drugs cuz' they got u flyin' forgettin' yesterday maybe it's crazy but keep gettin' stoned while u can baby in the lord's hands - don't say u know what's right don't take those alibis don't hate the other side when they're right sure they are baby don't wave your flag up high don't praise your concubines did u just fall for lies this time
Kategorie: Musik
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